Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend! Korean Style!

Ok, so first things... friday... I survived the week to face new classes I had not had before...ew...but Hey i only teach 2 classes---and only once a week! So friday's suck in difficulty, but rock in the "light teaching load". Sure once i get a system down, its easy cheezy.

That night I thought would be typical as every fri night...until Joy asked me if I would like to join them for a very spicy dinner! (Koreans believe the spicier it is, the more you sweat, the more stress you "release", perhaps its true...or maybe its the soju...) either way, I felt terrible for breaking my plans with Justin and the americans...but to experience spicy octopus??? I'm no fool! (and it was Joy's bday sunday...and she asked me, and again, i'm not a fool, lol). So it was her, her old friend that worked at avalon (got a better job), and this precious younger girl that works at the front desk. Its 11:30pm remember.

We found a place that gave it hot! frankly it wasnt as spicy as they made it out to be, but man was it delicious! That's the way i like my octopus, grilled and spicy! Had the best combination, frankly i find the foot delicious but no its no wonder I havnt seen a SINGLE "large" person here. Like literally...not a single one. Ok, so we ate, and ate and drank this girly soju floral soju, and supposidly "healthy" and less calories i imagine. ahh, def was like, u all r beautiful, no worries! Oh, and then we ate beef...they had never had it before! wow, kind of like grilled steak strips, wasn't quite a nice juicy steak...but they loved it and beef from america has a bad name--all the hormones, etc. but that's changed in the past like..literally months. Ok, after eating around 1am, the 3 wanted to go to a noribang (karaoke private rooms) like the coolest thing, private singing room and like literally EVERY song! **Just for Brandon Turner, i sang Higher - Creed. made me laugh they had it! no dave matthews :( really could have gotten 'em with "crash"... mais, c'est la vie.

Pics of Joy's bday:

We finished singing around 2am...yes, hours of it, glorious! But they are exhausted, had a great time with the drinks and singing and dancing and haha, my mickey mouse ears. We went our ways and then its on to Halloween costume party at Rhythm and booze*. I wore my shirt that reads "Mr. Right (now)" with minnie mouse ears for a wonderful action of i'm good, honest. lol, good times and played loads of pool, finally met some of the regulars/americans. I saw justin and he gave me a hard time...but understood why i stood him up. Again we enjoyed the evening just talking all night--good company, something around 6am. :-x This concludes Friday night

Saturday was 7:30 meet James at avalon to have dinner with americans. He's our Recruiter. we went to this amazing ...kind of like Melting pot, pot of boiling soup and veggies...and u drop meat in and it cooks in seconds. really good. didn't like using chopsticks on raw meat, but owell they're stainless steel (historic value, rice bowl is always metal, and chopsticks) also cleaner. but so we ate thatahhhh, so good. (sadly 2 koreans weres uppose to join us, but miscommunicated so they waited for us IN avalon, while we were outside...perhaps better because we were rude americans, lol, but the two girls went for me ^.^ le sigh). lol, jk. but did feel terrible, wrote a note on my desk and everything! So we finished dinner, and again R&B rhythm and booze is our home place. we talk and hang and I get to meet Jio ....a tall hispanic girl from miami that loves bleach and draws anime. haha, so, of course we just delve into all these deep convos about life and such and hit it off---instant friends. Again, finish talking around 6am? When you wake at 2pm, you really don't live the normal schedule! ahha (and buses close down from 12 - 5am so its agood thing)

So, let's continue... Sunday morning there is actually a church that is close to me...hopefully i'll get on amore stable schedule and perhaps attend! A few of the americans go and its in but then go figure the jerk is the one that goes... so kinda makes me wonder. So sunday i woke at 2pm and met Jio to go to the coolest place EVER! Imagine...10 floor building, 1 floor of laptops, 1 floor of cameras, 1 floor of appliances, 1 floor of video games...etc. building the size of walmart. like HUGE. and soo much competition! And done RIGHT! So i'm thinking of getting a PSP for $170 hacked, every game, glorious. Researching it now, but i still love my DS LITE. just the value of watching movies on the go..yah, hottness. So Jio ( G - O) and i explored our way back on the train and bus....didnt get lost, pretty sweet. we talked about the fun times, and were tired so went our ways.

I then remembered i was suppose to meet Justin and Heather teacher for coffee at 5:30---it was def. 7pm. Owell, i show up and they're gone, i see a white guy so i ask him if he saw a redhead (of course he stands out). He remembers, lets me borrow his answer, we talk about life. He's swedish, name is thomas, 55ish and major position in a german company here....and he is married to a korean wife and has a daughter and we talked about obama and mccain... He spoke french, german, korean, and english! Ended up getting around 8:30 and we then decided to go to dinner! So random, so awesome! So we had a fantastic dinner, he showed me a new spot...i wanted korean short ribs but we couldnt find go where the koreans eat! haha, and then he paid for it and it was seriously quite a salvaged night! So after the tasty dinner and tasteful dinner conversation, we parted our ways and again R&B was my "living room" is what i'm becoming to call it. Played a game of pool against JFK (korean guy that is a regular ...hilarious guy, not as good as Mr. Parks at pool tho) and then...surprised that I met a floor mate! This canadian lives literally 2 doors down from me and so we walked back from the bar and she showed me how to use the laundry machine! Exciting! Hopefully she'll get her E-2 visa renewed and stay longer, if not, she's leaving Korea... :( new found friend! nooo, haha, so we talked again until around eh...1am this time. I had to wake up early to go to my first Korean Lesson!

Korean lesson! My co-director asked the front desk lady if she wanted to learn english and teach me in me learning korean, she's learning a lot of english! We just exchanged words and it was great! I have a LONG way to go before i even understand the sentense structure, but i'm farther off than the other people...i already have a tutor. I'm sure nothing happens for coincidence, but eh, i'm just enjoying! Learning is fun. That's the way i see it. Keep it simple stupid. I thought there was a time zone change, so i was late....felt horrible (especially with sat, and sun messing up...3x a charm!) but all went well. now its every mon, wed, fri morning 10am. so i'll have to get to bed early..booo.

well, that brings us to classes. they went smooth, got a system down---my own system. works good for the classes i have. friday is a nother beast, figure that out when i get there. def good motto of "one day at a time" able to live in the present! dont worry bout past or worry about future.

So, here's to a truly good time with new found friends! Kampa!

Ch' upda! (cold) it was very cold tonight, i loved it!

*Rhythm and Booze: This has to be the best bar atmosphere! It is an american and korean partnership. It plays american music, has free pool, darts, really cheap beer and AMERICAN food, american breakfast (2 sausage, egg, hashbrowns, and toast ahhh!), regular "hamburger and fries" and other great "home foods". Its seriously your one feels home sick with a place like that! They have poker night, wii, just can sit and no one bug you, at least one american in there...always. And everyone just chills, and some koreans come..those that are brave and those that wish to pwn us in pool (Mr. Park, this dude is like 60s and never drinks, just plays pool, total master).

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