Thursday, October 30, 2008

quick update here..

I have finished my first week teaching and it looks like i have a grasp on what to do and where to take the class. Its quite interesting putting grades on the internet...i tackle that tomorrow morning! haah, as such, I was able to find a card reader so i could upload pictures finally! only a few because i knew i didnt have a reader----also i wanted to have bought a camera already. Owell, still not pleased with prices...was expecting 100usd value, instead its more around 180 :(

Today we went to starbucks before work to discuss our lives...just a few of the teachers that it was obvious were interested in getting to know us better. ah, funny stuff. but it was enjoyable, they asked how old i was and were very shocked that i was such a "spring chick" haha, owell, makes it easier i suppose. but then i guess i passed some sort of test with the married one---i now have a tutor! haha! She also wants to learn english so they said the best way is to go eat! i was like, no worries there!... hm, why do i feel set up? why should i care! haha.

So on to halloween weekend! We're having a party...or i'm hosting the costume part, james---my recruiter is coming in to check on me, etc. So he's taking us out, kinda scary the stories i hear..but no worries, just getting use to the stay up real late, wake and go to work at 3pm.

Enjoy the photos! just of my apt and such, more to come...

choi yo! (good!)

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how the Halloween party went...