Sunday, January 9, 2011

Already a new year!

I am amazed at how my semester flew...especially at all I did. Just to name a few things I accomplished--- a NASPA conference, MUDFEST (that's right, a festival with a pit of mud and you play games in it), and an international food festival.

Otherwise, the courses I took went OK. I figure student development theory is just about as ingrained into my head as possible! But was mighty helpful many times in addressing issues or situations. I also feel more adapt to navigate through my job as a hall director and advisor for the area government. It still blows my mind that I am managing two (extra) duties and still able to flew through it all. It meant the world today as driving back from a TAC retreat in St. Augustine, the president thanked me (as she never knew it was all double extra work...heh...) as no other GHD would really be able to handle but also guide Tolbert area council ("We do awkward") ah i have to agree, its true!

So that about sums up my first semester in a nut shell in my masters at UF. Loads more happened I'm sure, but I am more trying to address where I've been, to arrive to where I am today.

Christmas we had about 26 people come to visit Granny for her 89th :) it was a blast! Totally unplanned and lots of food and really only good things happened! quite a delight for sure. Grandma's had only a few of us...Milly, uncle Mike and Michelle...then over to Disney for a great time of Epcot traveling the world~ Legos were bought! hahah, and we really just had a great memory that I wish pictures could be uploaded easier.

So this semester has started out different, in a very good way! It is crazy how a few select choices can have such major impacts. I truly do acknowledge and desire to share cultural exchanges. Its not so much that i crave it like a drug, its even deeper that I truly feel alive when new situations arise and dialogue happens...or one person wonders why ____ happens or what ____ means. Just tonight I recollect a situation that had a double meaning and while we understood the context, it was doubly hilarious at how misconstrued it could be taken if taken out of context! Ah food tasting is also a great way to just...bring people together! I am hoping this blog will continue to just keep some chronological memories for me as months seem to turn into years as the years add up!

Well here's to the a new semester! Few amusing resolutions.. only 11 cokes this year, 1 was well spent (cheerwine)

Otherwise, may you all have a great fresh start!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Masters in Student Personnel at UF

Welcome Back to another Mighty adventure for this Olive!

Fastforward so many months and I'm now a Graduate Hall Director of the int'l house at the University of Florida!

Wow, nov I returned...saw the family lived and to think it all began back in March. Next post I'll probably cover "The story to where I am today"

Quick updates since I'm in training for Ghd until august 23rd (classes begin).

Its been 2 weeks, non stop...loads of work, loads of training, loads to keep up with. I barely have time to breathe! In fact, one day i went from 9am until 1am the next day just trying to keep my head above water!

But things will slow down and take hold...and I'm not even in my program yet!

3 great things I'm excited about:

I am back in a university....50,000 student body to be exact.
I am pursuing if not my career in life, at least training and experience to get me there.
I got to spend time with family and reconnect with a lot of family down in FL.

So apart from all these details and the spontaneous desire to update my blog... I hope we can continue this journey.

"The destination is set, its up to you to make the journey"


Sunday, November 15, 2009

my downstairs of the house

the downstairs from my garage to the living room, kitchen, masterbedroom, dining room, and office. its pretty much amazing.

Tour of my house

So I am back in USA and have been enjoying the good house. As such, I thought it would be good to give a tour of the resident...since i gave a tour of a Korean home---lets compare! Here's just the upstairs, I'll upload teh downstairs next!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The aftermath...

Hello hello back from Korea.

I arrived in USA on tuesday, 11.10 4pm into Charlotte and right away observed major differences. Haha, don't think me shallow but we must do something about our current eating habits! Texas is home to the largest people...and it was so true :( Its tragic too because that was what i first saw (which means waht most asians see...) and it made me sad! It doesnt happen overnight, but gradually..I can notice the ones that its from drinking coke with dinner, or eating fried food, too much starch...its in the arms, in the pudgy skin with a small amt of pink redness...body saying i'm a balloon, change diet and i can deflate! But so its really the first thing I urge all of us to really explore better eating habits! Koreans don't exercise at all...only walking! Which proves to me its all in the food! Some are getting bigger as they consume more McD and such...and its apparent its a direct correlation! So again, just I hope that can be addressed.../end

After arriving for 2 hours...long enough to throw my bags down, unpack a second and take a shower, i headed right back out to Steve Fee concert at charlotteone. It was funny to have left seeing him, and now returning and seeing him. It proved to me even more that nothing has changed. It kinda makes me sad at how little things have changed! I'm sure as I look closer things will b different..but as of now, i feel an itch that i can't scratch, an urge for more...certainly not able to settle here in charlotte with the present situation. God has bigger plans, something more for me...i know it. So, the number one question i've been asked is "Are you here for good, or what's next?" and the answer truly is: I don't know. But it also is leaning toward that this is far from my last stop...thats where i appreciate my youth and ability to move about wherever. i have no car, no home, nothing (i got a prepaid fone...ask me for it) so why SHOULD i settle for less? There's countless reasons and blessings to why I traveled, why i will continue to travel.

Speaking of travel...Philippines and Hong Kong. Wow what an AWESOME trip! I can honestly say that was my favorite trip EVER (sorry dad)!!! Reason one? I paid for it all and it was soooo cheap! And upon going ot Cebu i feared i had made a mistake as it looked so poor and yea, dirty..but when i got to bohol...alona beach, i quickly realized that u must go thru the filth to get to the paradise. and what a wonderful world!

And of course it was made sooo much better traveling with great company! At different parts of the trip i enjoyed MJ...a philipino from korea, and then a chinese guy Jim i met to get a chance to exchange cultural exp! And Hyesung to really share and grow in our experiences of fantastic times! Really can't tell you enough how much they all made this trip! As much as i planned, i still know its not what u do...its who u do it with! The helper was check it out, u can see who's a local to where you're going, save a few dollars, sleep on their couch and usually they're very interested in making your impression of their country a good one! Jim gave us coconut curry breakfast and showed us around local restaurants (yes, thats all i care about) and some local places, awesome times! Pictures to come on fb soon...

The fish and food there was so delicious I don't even know where to begin!!! Just that it is asia's best kept secret! It reminded me of Cozumel when we started taking the Ferry...and then even more so as the people were SO helpful and how it really felt private beach. Only about 50 people were staying there total and no doubt the people instantly knew who we were...(I was the only YOUNG white guy there..) haha, so I became an interesting topic for the locals...cuz sadly most of the foreigners are old europeans looking to retire/marry a young philipino and yea, kinda gross but hey, they worked hard they deserve a little joy? Point being, for only 5bucks i got a fish meal that would EASILY cost more than $20 in america...even mexico! So yes, I'll be back...

Hong Kong was another great adventure, I got to see Alvin Wong! hahaha, I hadnt seen him in a decade! Now that was scary! Facebook helped it all happen. He moved to HK 6 months ago and thats when it started to try to plan a trip to see him. He was from Florida, my school there. He's actually my brother's friend but eh, he's mine now! haha. So his friend and him showed hyesung and i on our return flight home for all of 6 hours in HK. Wow, the Temple Market st. had toooo much goodies! We bought and talked and quickly realized i spent all my HK dollar (its very expensive and yea, $50 gets you very little...heh) so cheers to Alvin for helping with a few extra dollars! Now its to repay him when he comes to...Korea or USA for me to pay it forward! But yea, again the people...MAKE IT! If you're trying to soak up the culture/the REAL side of a country, not just the tourist sites, tehy'll tell u the local low down. And so i'm very pleased to say i now know a section of the cities...places...and look forward to sharing stories. Boy the stories i have...ahha, but those will come in convo. For now, its time to unpack and upload these pics! So feel free to leave any questions of this year, what an adventure, and now to explore "What's next"!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

50 posts in a year

So today is the 20th of october. Perhaps my last post while still employed at Avalon.

It has been a few ups and downs these past two weeks...having 3 major events happen all at once. Please pray with me for my great(est) aunt, cousin, and a praise that my dad has already found a job! But these events really shook the fabric of what is important and who matters and what we call home can be defined as. So as such, I am taking a much needed vacation to some tropical island and I wanna hear Capt. sparrow ask "Why's all the rum gone?" ok, so i'm actually thinking of my original plan and taking a much shorter but...much needed trip to the philippines! I hope it will be fantastic and will remind me of how good life is and that no matter how crappy life is...its always better with a beach!

Hmmm, so yes, after a lot of trouble and making them mad at me..I made a fair agreement that i'd stay an extra week (my official last day is now set in stone, October 30th) and will travel until November 10th

Again, November 10th is when i will return to AMERICA. so look out ren fest, look out deer, look out turkey, i'm comin home guns a'blazin!

In a review, last week was an exciting experience to reconnect with a dear friend from Ireland! Aya, a japanese exchange student at DCU with me, flew out to visit me from Japan. I believe it was amuch needed R&R trip for her and it was my pleasure to return the favour of really just taking all my experiences and traveling in Seoul and being her tour guide. Feel it was a good day and certainly grown up over this year...traveling by subway use to scare me now its like i'm a natural...who woulda known? Not to mention knowing local hang outs and favorite eats...thank you to those that blessed me with such knowledge. so, the weekend was for me, a recaption of the year and all its joys...and able to see it through a new pair of eyes! yes, I'll treasure walkin down insadong and snaking along dongdamun narrow halls and finish with a bite to eat in the nightlife. It always facinates me in comparing countries---aya coming from japan and visiting ireland gave us quite a lot of topics! And of course that which is most important...

That brings me to the week before...
i went to busan and had a blast as always...I really feel at home there with the people. its true that some people are "from the south" just as some are "redheads" no matter what culture or nation. people are people. As such, i am dearly impressed and will forever be touched by a random traditional korean tea house that just embodied what i treasure most in korea...home.

What is home to you? How do you build it and what can destroy it? Is it established in a tangible place or is it a state of mind? Home, as i wrote in a poem in 8th grade "home is where the fat cat is"

So folks, its been my pleasure sharing my pains, growths, and experience of well...another "adventure in odyssey!"

May the road always rise up to meet you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So its been amore days in the works...

Hey so the last few days have been quite hard to get everything lined up and working! ugh.

Here's what i have been planning and its all but official...

My contract ends Oct. 23rd and i promised to work until Dec.... well, change of plans because its no longer fine and dandy at work (just sick of management)... so i told them monday that yes, i want to quit now...and now the rollercoaster of makng things work. essentially my boss tried to tell me "u can't quit, we need you" well of course u do...but if i had gotten swine flu or anything...well, suddenly they wouldn't need me! So i'm in the works of tryin to make this final.

What this means for you? I reallywant to travel...and its looking like philippines is my destination. i'd go until nov. 9th then fly home nov. 10th... thats the plan but hey, that's all i can hope for! so no promises on all this...its going to b a very busy month!

thisweeknd is busan, next i have a friend from japan coming, then its quit and go to philippines! not much time left!

get it get it!