Sunday, January 9, 2011

Already a new year!

I am amazed at how my semester flew...especially at all I did. Just to name a few things I accomplished--- a NASPA conference, MUDFEST (that's right, a festival with a pit of mud and you play games in it), and an international food festival.

Otherwise, the courses I took went OK. I figure student development theory is just about as ingrained into my head as possible! But was mighty helpful many times in addressing issues or situations. I also feel more adapt to navigate through my job as a hall director and advisor for the area government. It still blows my mind that I am managing two (extra) duties and still able to flew through it all. It meant the world today as driving back from a TAC retreat in St. Augustine, the president thanked me (as she never knew it was all double extra work...heh...) as no other GHD would really be able to handle but also guide Tolbert area council ("We do awkward") ah i have to agree, its true!

So that about sums up my first semester in a nut shell in my masters at UF. Loads more happened I'm sure, but I am more trying to address where I've been, to arrive to where I am today.

Christmas we had about 26 people come to visit Granny for her 89th :) it was a blast! Totally unplanned and lots of food and really only good things happened! quite a delight for sure. Grandma's had only a few of us...Milly, uncle Mike and Michelle...then over to Disney for a great time of Epcot traveling the world~ Legos were bought! hahah, and we really just had a great memory that I wish pictures could be uploaded easier.

So this semester has started out different, in a very good way! It is crazy how a few select choices can have such major impacts. I truly do acknowledge and desire to share cultural exchanges. Its not so much that i crave it like a drug, its even deeper that I truly feel alive when new situations arise and dialogue happens...or one person wonders why ____ happens or what ____ means. Just tonight I recollect a situation that had a double meaning and while we understood the context, it was doubly hilarious at how misconstrued it could be taken if taken out of context! Ah food tasting is also a great way to just...bring people together! I am hoping this blog will continue to just keep some chronological memories for me as months seem to turn into years as the years add up!

Well here's to the a new semester! Few amusing resolutions.. only 11 cokes this year, 1 was well spent (cheerwine)

Otherwise, may you all have a great fresh start!

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