Monday, August 9, 2010

Masters in Student Personnel at UF

Welcome Back to another Mighty adventure for this Olive!

Fastforward so many months and I'm now a Graduate Hall Director of the int'l house at the University of Florida!

Wow, nov I returned...saw the family lived and to think it all began back in March. Next post I'll probably cover "The story to where I am today"

Quick updates since I'm in training for Ghd until august 23rd (classes begin).

Its been 2 weeks, non stop...loads of work, loads of training, loads to keep up with. I barely have time to breathe! In fact, one day i went from 9am until 1am the next day just trying to keep my head above water!

But things will slow down and take hold...and I'm not even in my program yet!

3 great things I'm excited about:

I am back in a university....50,000 student body to be exact.
I am pursuing if not my career in life, at least training and experience to get me there.
I got to spend time with family and reconnect with a lot of family down in FL.

So apart from all these details and the spontaneous desire to update my blog... I hope we can continue this journey.

"The destination is set, its up to you to make the journey"


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JeremyC said...

I think I have a better idea of what you are doing now...seeing as I just listened to the RD for two hours at my sister's residence hall. Sounds "fun" :P