Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So its been amore days in the works...

Hey so the last few days have been quite hard to get everything lined up and working! ugh.

Here's what i have been planning and its all but official...

My contract ends Oct. 23rd and i promised to work until Dec.... well, change of plans because its no longer fine and dandy at work (just sick of management)... so i told them monday that yes, i want to quit now...and now the rollercoaster of makng things work. essentially my boss tried to tell me "u can't quit, we need you" well of course u do...but if i had gotten swine flu or anything...well, suddenly they wouldn't need me! So i'm in the works of tryin to make this final.

What this means for you? I reallywant to travel...and its looking like philippines is my destination. i'd go until nov. 9th then fly home nov. 10th... thats the plan but hey, that's all i can hope for! so no promises on all this...its going to b a very busy month!

thisweeknd is busan, next i have a friend from japan coming, then its quit and go to philippines! not much time left!

get it get it!

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