Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Korean Everland and Caribbean bay!

Wow, i look back at my photos from the 19th and 26th and of course i havnt updated! i've been traveling and playing like a champ!

First, caribbean bay is wayyy better than any waterpark i've been to. Carowinds would b put to shame! I have a few photos from it and you'll see...its made for anyone. u wear a lifejacket and have to wear a "cap" (so i bought an awesome pirate kinda swimcap) and the slides were stellar! of course teh lazy river also was the best part! going in a cave, around hte whole park, under a waterfall, yah...that's just a few things. and you can have it all for $45 for 2 people! That's a real deal!


So that was an adventure of the weekend. I also went to see Hyesung's univ. Seoul National Univ. The best univ of korea. Most people try 2 YEARS to get in! talk about difficult. of course she got in first try, lol. But it was quite high class. I loved teh business building and they had just opened a multimedia (computer animation films) major. The first difference i saw on campus was lockers! I felt like i was in highschool with so many lockers...but you need it because no one lives on campus! some people even travel hours to get to school. talk about devotion! They have a few dorms for foreigners and for those that must live there....but of course they charge a LOT of money. And the caf and other foods are just simply pay money! for cheap! I was quite jealous...seeing as my college charged me $9 per meal...breakfast lunch and dinner. Robbery! But so that's that. Had the best katsu-ju (the Musashi restaurant in charlotte) just next stop in gangnam for a mere 5,000won! I loooove food way too much. Thought about going there this weekend cuz we loved it so much. Ah, i'm starting to miss charlotte and its random things. Tacos, avacado, soybeans, hummus!! and other fine food...and i guess driving but we all know i hate driving.

Hmm, SOOO the NEXT weekend i went to Everland. Its right next door to Caribbean bay (2 hours outside of Seoul by bus...a pain getting there) but yep, and again with credit card deals its cheaper (but i had to pay full price: 30,000won= $25!) Went and it was october/halloween celebration! So of course i got lots of pictures of animals (Monkies!) and the cool ball room u can shoot everybody with nerf balls! haha...they think of everything! And the white water rafting waterpark thingy...(log tube? in disneyworld....miss disney!!!) and we avoided the HUGE lines for rollercoasters. Went to this fantastic rose garden and watched fireworks, ahah, too romantic. then did a ferris wheel to end the night. of course thats just how i roll.

I really have been enjoying my final weeks here. Its chusok (korean thanksgiving) this weekend so i get friday off! I tried to go to busan one more weekend but...no train seats or bus seats or plane flights. they all go friday and come back monday. almost too many people traveling...last year it took 12 hours to get to busan by bus (normally 4) sooo...maybe its better i will just stay at home and relax for 2 days.

And why am i OK with this?

That news will come tomorrow...it has something to do with my future, traveling, and making people angry. Let the party begin!

until next time....

Well, that's been the best

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