Saturday, September 12, 2009

September rolls by

First off happy Bday to my Mom on Sept 5th

I had an MBA tour event in Seoul that day and got to meet the director at UNC business school. It was funny because i instantly knew it was her among the panel! i asked some good questions about my future endeavor and feel confident in my resolve...just the steps gettin there aren't so solid. As such, i know many of you have perhaps stopped reading this blog as the year has progressed and that is fine, it has more become a journal of sorts in time of my growing and changing through an experience in teaching in korea.

I would encourage others to travel abroad and do agree it is a good experience to learn and get paid well for a temporary "transition" stage. although i have not fully bloomed, i am confident this year has given me a wealth of knowledge and friendships and experiences that will surely unfold into more! so, now that i have not really been fair to my readers, just all is well and I have been trying to figure out teh future.

anyway, its been a month so i'm not sure all that happened since last update...i haven't supported R&B since they fired doug because they've been open 1 month and he literally MADE it work...but korean didnt need him so get rid of him. and also means there has been a LOT less drama since i've disassociated myself with the other foreigners...who knew? just finished watching Nodame...a japanese music school drama that was quite beautifully done. haha, there is one new thing and that is that hyesung is learning how to swim now. its quite exciting to see, haha, and i continue to notice that i really am good at just opening foreigners up to talk...weird stuff to see but a gift i suppose. i'm sure all of this is just ranting so i'm going to close with something good.

See u in christmas!


JeremyC said...

I still read :P

Applied for my passport, still gotta get a Visa for Aussie, but the plan is to leave the states sometime around the 19th of December. Will you be back by then?

JeremyC said...

actually, airfare to Australia just jacked up to $3,000. Looks like we probably won't be going in December.