Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the final chapter...

I kept those that only read this blog in a MAJOR suspension...sorry about that.

I have been quite busy in making radical decisions and figuring out future career/focus/getting the most out of life! Intensive has given LITTLE time to really decide things...and timing was the worst! But I've survived and now onto the goods!

I've really enjoyed it here in Korea and know I feel more close to these people than my stay in Ireland. Perhaps its the mystery...but I think its more the unspoken gestures and raw emotion that i find kinship in. No man can contain it in words of a communal mindset...and the true essence of an ajuma or old woman. old men also just could make you melt when it comes to caring about their younger "brother". a society truly focused on working to become something better...to not settle, to not back down. i know i could never support the hagwon job personally...but its given me a solid job in my time of organizing... As such i've come to find some beautiful memories and life lessons all thrown together in bim bim bap. Without it all...I would not be the man God has in store for me. So here's to a challenge to not take the easy path...the simple...not even the comfortable.

As many should know by now.. I have decided to stay until December 11th. It is longer than October (and I"m sad i'll miss the ren fest and thanksgiving) but I am unsure when I will have another chance to make money along with it lets my contracts (phone bill, internet) time to expire! Only 1 extra month but the benefits far outway the negatives.

My future career is being a Foreign Exchange Director at a University.

I have really learned that not only am I good at welcoming people and making them feel comfortable in a foreign country (in college i did that, now here my fellow english teachers, and even students with me a foreigner) i also really enjoy the challenge and growth seen in each person's eyes! The experience keeps me always feeling like a newborn, gives me hope for building bridges, and ultimately sharing His purpose of joy. So yes, I understand everyone's questions and concerns about how it all will work...and I just know it will.

First few steps!

I need to study for the GRE and sign up for a date sometime directly after my return. I Have 4 months to study...and let it begin! So, now the only thing i need...a ride home from the Airport?

Sorry for the delay! QUestion: What Graduate school is your favorite?

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