Monday, July 27, 2009

What a busy Intensive (Summer Vacation)

Just the name is ironic... there's no school for the kids...and instead of going out and enjoying some sunshine and life...tehy're in my classroom studying all lengths of days!

YMCA camp was fun and let the kids be KIDS...this is just torture. if only they knew how we do...

but eh, that's how it is. so i've been swamped...will finish the 22nd of august. so hey at least it means extra money! but it also means i start up at 10am and leave around 7pm... maybe.

well, i've also been VERY angry and tried not to rant and rave about things...namely the swine flu and how much of a hog it is on work. I cannot go to indonesia for vacation (july 29th to the 4th) because i "might get it" which we have 13? 33? keeps growing cases right here in bucheon! so yes, we're soooo going to get it....ha. its going to be a kid. and then its going to just have to run it course. point being, i'm not really worried and there r many things going on beside that.

All that i really wanted to say was yes, i'm still alive...its intense and i hope tomorrow i will go camping in the country side! we found cheap tents for 1 person and all that jazz! so if we master that...i think we'll really have some great stuff! might have a few pics from it with my new camera too!

Oh and i had an old old friend, Jenna Winton, back from St. John's...all the way back to Florida contact me rannndoomly on facebook asking about korea and she might come over here, haha. what a wild story she has too over the last...10 years?
Well, so its been sort of boring...sort of busy? We have a new teacher too, he's a lot like Joseph Brown from college and thats why probably he and i will go camping and it'll b good.

I know i should update more often but its difficult to catch the time. I also am recording/editing the video of each teacher...its been a major job that i didnt ask for (i just had a cable they i'm doing the work!? how does that make me qualified!?)

hm, well, contract is ending october i'll keep u suspended on....



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JeremyC said...

Sounds like it'd suck to be a korean kid