Tuesday, October 20, 2009

50 posts in a year

So today is the 20th of october. Perhaps my last post while still employed at Avalon.

It has been a few ups and downs these past two weeks...having 3 major events happen all at once. Please pray with me for my great(est) aunt, cousin, and a praise that my dad has already found a job! But these events really shook the fabric of what is important and who matters and what we call home can be defined as. So as such, I am taking a much needed vacation to some tropical island and I wanna hear Capt. sparrow ask "Why's all the rum gone?" ok, so i'm actually thinking of my original plan and taking a much shorter but...much needed trip to the philippines! I hope it will be fantastic and will remind me of how good life is and that no matter how crappy life is...its always better with a beach!

Hmmm, so yes, after a lot of trouble and making them mad at me..I made a fair agreement that i'd stay an extra week (my official last day is now set in stone, October 30th) and will travel until November 10th

Again, November 10th is when i will return to AMERICA. so look out ren fest, look out deer, look out turkey, i'm comin home guns a'blazin!

In a review, last week was an exciting experience to reconnect with a dear friend from Ireland! Aya, a japanese exchange student at DCU with me, flew out to visit me from Japan. I believe it was amuch needed R&R trip for her and it was my pleasure to return the favour of really just taking all my experiences and traveling in Seoul and being her tour guide. Feel it was a good day and certainly grown up over this year...traveling by subway use to scare me now its like i'm a natural...who woulda known? Not to mention knowing local hang outs and favorite eats...thank you to those that blessed me with such knowledge. so, the weekend was for me, a recaption of the year and all its joys...and able to see it through a new pair of eyes! yes, I'll treasure walkin down insadong and snaking along dongdamun narrow halls and finish with a bite to eat in the nightlife. It always facinates me in comparing countries---aya coming from japan and visiting ireland gave us quite a lot of topics! And of course that which is most important...

That brings me to the week before...
i went to busan and had a blast as always...I really feel at home there with the people. its true that some people are "from the south" just as some are "redheads" no matter what culture or nation. people are people. As such, i am dearly impressed and will forever be touched by a random traditional korean tea house that just embodied what i treasure most in korea...home.

What is home to you? How do you build it and what can destroy it? Is it established in a tangible place or is it a state of mind? Home, as i wrote in a poem in 8th grade "home is where the fat cat is"

So folks, its been my pleasure sharing my pains, growths, and experience of well...another "adventure in odyssey!"

May the road always rise up to meet you.

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