Thursday, November 12, 2009

The aftermath...

Hello hello back from Korea.

I arrived in USA on tuesday, 11.10 4pm into Charlotte and right away observed major differences. Haha, don't think me shallow but we must do something about our current eating habits! Texas is home to the largest people...and it was so true :( Its tragic too because that was what i first saw (which means waht most asians see...) and it made me sad! It doesnt happen overnight, but gradually..I can notice the ones that its from drinking coke with dinner, or eating fried food, too much starch...its in the arms, in the pudgy skin with a small amt of pink redness...body saying i'm a balloon, change diet and i can deflate! But so its really the first thing I urge all of us to really explore better eating habits! Koreans don't exercise at all...only walking! Which proves to me its all in the food! Some are getting bigger as they consume more McD and such...and its apparent its a direct correlation! So again, just I hope that can be addressed.../end

After arriving for 2 hours...long enough to throw my bags down, unpack a second and take a shower, i headed right back out to Steve Fee concert at charlotteone. It was funny to have left seeing him, and now returning and seeing him. It proved to me even more that nothing has changed. It kinda makes me sad at how little things have changed! I'm sure as I look closer things will b different..but as of now, i feel an itch that i can't scratch, an urge for more...certainly not able to settle here in charlotte with the present situation. God has bigger plans, something more for me...i know it. So, the number one question i've been asked is "Are you here for good, or what's next?" and the answer truly is: I don't know. But it also is leaning toward that this is far from my last stop...thats where i appreciate my youth and ability to move about wherever. i have no car, no home, nothing (i got a prepaid fone...ask me for it) so why SHOULD i settle for less? There's countless reasons and blessings to why I traveled, why i will continue to travel.

Speaking of travel...Philippines and Hong Kong. Wow what an AWESOME trip! I can honestly say that was my favorite trip EVER (sorry dad)!!! Reason one? I paid for it all and it was soooo cheap! And upon going ot Cebu i feared i had made a mistake as it looked so poor and yea, dirty..but when i got to bohol...alona beach, i quickly realized that u must go thru the filth to get to the paradise. and what a wonderful world!

And of course it was made sooo much better traveling with great company! At different parts of the trip i enjoyed MJ...a philipino from korea, and then a chinese guy Jim i met to get a chance to exchange cultural exp! And Hyesung to really share and grow in our experiences of fantastic times! Really can't tell you enough how much they all made this trip! As much as i planned, i still know its not what u do...its who u do it with! The helper was check it out, u can see who's a local to where you're going, save a few dollars, sleep on their couch and usually they're very interested in making your impression of their country a good one! Jim gave us coconut curry breakfast and showed us around local restaurants (yes, thats all i care about) and some local places, awesome times! Pictures to come on fb soon...

The fish and food there was so delicious I don't even know where to begin!!! Just that it is asia's best kept secret! It reminded me of Cozumel when we started taking the Ferry...and then even more so as the people were SO helpful and how it really felt private beach. Only about 50 people were staying there total and no doubt the people instantly knew who we were...(I was the only YOUNG white guy there..) haha, so I became an interesting topic for the locals...cuz sadly most of the foreigners are old europeans looking to retire/marry a young philipino and yea, kinda gross but hey, they worked hard they deserve a little joy? Point being, for only 5bucks i got a fish meal that would EASILY cost more than $20 in america...even mexico! So yes, I'll be back...

Hong Kong was another great adventure, I got to see Alvin Wong! hahaha, I hadnt seen him in a decade! Now that was scary! Facebook helped it all happen. He moved to HK 6 months ago and thats when it started to try to plan a trip to see him. He was from Florida, my school there. He's actually my brother's friend but eh, he's mine now! haha. So his friend and him showed hyesung and i on our return flight home for all of 6 hours in HK. Wow, the Temple Market st. had toooo much goodies! We bought and talked and quickly realized i spent all my HK dollar (its very expensive and yea, $50 gets you very little...heh) so cheers to Alvin for helping with a few extra dollars! Now its to repay him when he comes to...Korea or USA for me to pay it forward! But yea, again the people...MAKE IT! If you're trying to soak up the culture/the REAL side of a country, not just the tourist sites, tehy'll tell u the local low down. And so i'm very pleased to say i now know a section of the cities...places...and look forward to sharing stories. Boy the stories i have...ahha, but those will come in convo. For now, its time to unpack and upload these pics! So feel free to leave any questions of this year, what an adventure, and now to explore "What's next"!

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