Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello from Korea!

Wow do I have a lot to update from this weekend!

Wed. 6:45 I leave with Robbye to the airport...blessing in that she happen to hear on radio that there was an accident on 485 so we avoided it smoothly to get there with plenty of time for me to get to the plane and begin my journey.

I arrived 11pm Thursday night at Avalon school, the taxi driver picked me up with no hitch...luggage and all, and i met my boss and things went surprisingly smooth. I went back to my room after 25 hours of travel and after 2 more hours of unpacking...i slept.

I slept on one hard bed. It may be healthier but something comforting to sinking into a nice soft bed...Still have not had a solid 8 hour sleep on this bed.

The shower is nice and cute, along with the rest of the facilities, american toilet and all those important things. THe kitchen is mighty small, seems like I might grab dinner out most nights. We'll figure that one out later. For now its good to have the necessities (RAMEN!) haha, but i STILL don't have a bowl or trashcan, so that sort of is a problem...

Its really interesting with the stairs to the "loft" upstairs, you can sleep up there but its only like 4ft. tall, might explore that when/if it gets to be really cold. But the A/C and such is just great, and the huge window view is more than i can ask for...Oh, and i'm on the 9th floor. So its nice and quiet and I like the towers and how they live. It's efficient.

So woke up Friday. THe door was locked and i set off an alarm and got locked in my room. It was actually quite commical, finally I figured it out (being all in korean...trial and error was the only way). Walked around, tried to get familar with my new home. I know 2 major streets, and that Avalon is only 5 minutes from my apt. I observed classes and survived the 3pm to 11pm hours...certainly remarkable these students have such stamina! I figure if that is the only job i have here, its very do-able....just have to keep focused, etc.

After work at 11 Justin-teacher from Ohio showed me the night life. Haha, oh my, soju is the korean vodka stuff and so he insisted upon introducing me to it. That was fine enough, we went to a Karaoke bar and sang a lot and a lot, very much like guitar hero...even had bongos! hahah, just played with it until around 4am. Slept. Saturday was a waste of just getting use to the place, watching my Smallville series ^.^ and sleeping more.

Today is Sunday, I now feel quite ...comfortable if that is possible. I went to my first restaurant here and asked for...who knows what, i got pork, cabbage, kimchi, tiny fish with okra, soup, rice, and squid. I only remembered how to ask for tagugee bap (pork and rice) so, i think i faired quite nice. Best part of it all? Cost only 6000 Won, (6 dollars). And we're talkin a SPREAD. fancy and yum. Well, after that accomplishment, i found a YMCA...hope to explore that and perhaps begin swimming again. And then talked to my parents on Vonage. Everyone feel free to contact me for free:


its a charlotte number, just need internet and i can talk from anywhere in the world. Ah technology ^.^
I hope to get a mobile soon, after getting my alien card. I start teaching monday the 2nd part of not muchtime to waste around! I have my first "american" expresso in a bit with Justin and friends, so i shall update more later. Here's to the first weekend in Bucheon!

ahn ya sayo!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've managed to accomplish and experience a lot in a short time. Nice job! ::sniff:: So grown up... ::sniff::

Gayle said...

Weloome to Korea... well, from someone who spent a few weeks visiting Seoul and the rest of the country. So much to see, so many things to do, you're lucky to have a year there! I only had 3 weeks!

You want to check out the Folk Village Museum in Suweon sometime, and the Lotte department store to look for more comfortable bedding and other stuff for your apartment.

You'll find the weather and the climate as a whole very similar to Charlotte's. And, as you've already learned, there is a LOT to do just in Seoul alone.

I think I envy you!!! No, never mind, don't think, I DO.

(your mom's pal in Charlotte who's now near Sacramento in CA)

Robert said...

It was great to talk to you this weekend and we are glad you arrived there safely. It was interesting to look up the meaning of the name of your school Avalon and that it was the mythical island where King Author rested after his battles and it is the Celtic name for Apple. We look forward to hearing about your first day teaching. We love you, Mom and Dad.