Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Back on track, its time to get ready! Departure undefined, start date = October 20th.

Update: I interviewed with the director from Bucheon and he liked what he heard and agreed that even though my forte is kindergarden, I'm good to go. With an open mind and willingness to work hard, what do I have to lose?

I will be teaching 10-15 yr olds (5th to 9th graders) English from 3pm until 11pm. 4 80 minute classes with 10 minute breaks Mon, Wed, Thurs. Tues, Thurs I will teach perhaps only 2 courses. This is good and bad. I have a lighter load but still have to remain there the entire time (prepare lesson plans, etc.) and means I may have a harder load the next 3 month cirriculum cycle. Any further questions, feel free to ask away, easier here than individually!

It rained today so I was unable to play soccer. Taking all that energy, I applied it to packing. Its all neatly folded and now just to make it all fit. I was trying to avoid 2 bags but it may be inevitable. Thought a great idea from the internet was someone mentioning to bring Guess Who and other board games. Who knows?

Still working on getting a camera and video camera. Truly think it will be better to get one over there. Here's to a productive day!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you used all that energy for something productive. Good luck with those teenagers... that should be a challenge! :)