Monday, October 27, 2008

Avalon: Day One.

Wow what a Monday.

That about sums up what you think: Murphy's law too...

So I went in early to get a handle on the lesson, the feel of teaching--since i knew Alex teacher (yes, everyone is ___ teacher, quite precious) would make me start working instead of giving me another observation.

So great, I'm prepared to teach lesson 6 on sports. Simple enough. Oh wait, the previous teacher got ahead of the curriculum and is on lesson 7! Splendid! First class and I'm already winging it! By the 4th class (all the same to middle schoolers about age of 14... so 13 american) I was a pro! relaxed, joking with the students, showing them pictures of my family, friends, house, animals, "my many many girlfriends" haha, owell, thanks ladies! ;)

So now that I'm a star, I enjoyed some of the comments. THey loved my curly long hair...called my dad's red hair "gold hair". a boy told me my eyes are beautiful, guys are allowed to be more affectionate to same sex and it somewhat is easier to handle. The girls think i'm rich and noble because i have a huge house (especially since its a house with land, a pond, and 2 story...everyone and i mean EVERYONE lives in an apt).

So the pictures were a major hit, showed also christmas, thanksgiving, and other things to boot.

Easy part done, now its the clean up and catch up of getting the students to not slack and learn English. I had a fantastic laugh with the korean co-workers about lip gloss and well...girls will be girls in any culture :-D They're so kind and helpful with any questions.

OH, I don't know if i mentioned but Avalon has its own kitchen and 2 cooks! So all the teachers get fed some yummy authentic home style food! Sometimes its ....well, certainly not homecookin but its free and the 2 ladies adore Justin teacher and I. Him with his red hair, and I with my hazel eyes. I think i might actually be allergic/sores open in my mouth to something...perhaps the kimchi. Perhaps nothing but horrible considering kimchi is basically more staple to korea than rice!

I bought the softest micro fiber pillow at Emart, along with a floor pillow to enjoy sitting on teh floor...much more comfortable but still not able to wake up not sore or sit for a long amount of time comfortably.

All in all, i've survived, def felt at home, and learning loads of korean...forgetting equal amounts as well!

Sweetest thing from one of a teacher, she brought me dishes to use! we all sit in a row of desks...about 6 in a row, so about 18 of us in the "teacher work room" all crammed in comfortably. Its 4 americans, 2 guys 2 girls, and then 10 korean girls, 2 guys, and some more girls but they're reception or other workers. Trying to break the formality but hey, it's only been 2 days.

Kaja! (let's go!)

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Anonymous said...

Rule #1 for teaching: be flexible. I'm glad you've already mastered that one! :)