Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So I got an address you can send things to me! it will go to my school...which is bigger and easier to find than my apt... since i certainly don't understand how they find anything here! (always just say, draw me a map!")

it should get here..haha,

Joel Oliver
1031-2 Golden Bell Tower 2nd Floor
Jung-4-dong Wonmigu
Bucheon Kyeonggi, South Korea 420-020

That's a mouth full.. and yah, putting me on there it will get to me...Agnus will take care of me. She got me a table and 2 chairs taken to my apt today. And tomorrow i get my physical at hte hospital. oh boy! Of course it costs 67$ though... guess its because i don't have insurance?? just way too much after the visa...and then ANOTHER visa charge for 45.. oh the small charges. But hey, nothing compared to the plane ticket over here! And I'm getting free dinner from the best home style cooking chef's the ladies ROCK! I might try to steal a picture of them! And today my tutor made me authentic rice...dough? Its like a chewy bread dough that is a tasty snack they eat for breakfast i suppose? With oranges? At least that's what she gave me as a joke because i skip breakfast for our lesson and such..

Okee dah! (joke)

Na say okee dah nikka?.

"I am funny?"

Ahh, my first sentence!

good times...

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