Saturday, November 8, 2008

Korean Health Check

Thursday morning, I woke up and met up with my other new co-worker around 10am. Our mission: to find the hospital and get a health check.

11:20 we finally find hte place...we found a pregnancy care center and the nurse thought we were a couple and she was pregnant, it was priceless! Oh communication is funny, even without knowing the language you can gather so much!


We made it to the hospital and wow, what a sight! All ages, all sorts, everything in one spot. We get a blood sample...multiple...and urine, and height and weight and eye sight---haha, it was korean characters... and then we did a dentist check haha, but very up to date, and then finally xray of our lungs. 67$...not too bad, eh? all in one spot too, great efficient way!

So, that's that. Oh and i also got a TV...hilarious old school. and a desk and 2 i now can have company and such!

haha, there's an update!

nah sayo! (bad)

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