Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hongdae University!

Who's been to dublin? Trinity college? Temple bar area? well, this is what's what in Seoul too! Hongdae is the same set up of loads of people, poor college kids, ah the glorious adventures on a saturday! Justin and I had the invitation to enjoy the evening with Heather teacher and bf Danny. They are terrific people!

The train ride was really smooth, impressed that we didnt know where we were going, but we'd figure it out..and that we did! So it was about a 45minute ride. Haha, we met some mormons all the way from Utah doing their...mission. Ugh, go infect some other place! haha, Heather asked "have any problems getting here?" no, just some mormons. okee dah!

So as said, we went and enjoyed some fantastic japanese food! Really nice place he knew. He really gives me a glimpse of a korean friend. and how hard they work! And will spend it all on their friends! like its truly admirable.

A little aside is just heather wanted Justin and i to bring along a i laughed too much that i actually found one cute korean the night before. This other weird guy from NYC told her that if we do end up going, to call him. I thought surely she would ditch that. wow, note to self---communication is fantastic, use it! haha, but owell, so that def downed the evening to i was invited and i invited a "date" (she was cute, and spoke english..but eh, i'm picky) just to have her invite a guy (whichshe made clear was not a date, lol, burn). Long story short, awkward night in that area...but with Danny and Heather, fantastic!

Ok, so we enjoy our time, go to Noribang and sing some great classics! Love this culture! Sadly my camera i only have like 3 pictures to show this time. As such, you should believe that these 2 have to be my favorite koreans thus far. So inviting and even though Danny doesn't speak a lot of korean, his delight is so profound in his action/gestures! So, hats off to Danny, and to a fantastic evening of friends and letting the little things figure themselves out!

make the most of these nights, for they're here now!

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