Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Joy!

Greetings all, its 4:11 here. Just finished watching a fantastic korean film (again) My Sassy Girl. Angela, alex, hye sung and i enjoyed beer, pizza, and a movie. ah, felt like home life.

Lets review:

So after the hongdae...nothin happened sunday well as the week of teaching.. i had a student get 2 detentions and he still misbehaved---korean teacher threated to expel him and wow, it was wild. but eh, now he's a good kid i suppose...better be this thursday because my boss is observing me teaching that class!

On to Friday!!! wow, only been a week, eh? Well, ROK for bucheon went Rhythm and Booze so we went there, they did this amazing belly dancing (local girl named Rachel perfermed...she teaches classes) Gorgeous and it was hilarious seeing all the white guys stop everything and just gawk. oh priceless. So that went down, had quiz night---i knew very little but funny things!, then grabbed some 2am dinner? with hyesung and it was delish! hm, that was an excellent night.

Sat. i had the pleasure of grocery shopping with Heather! To see a woman in action, haha. but so we got a few random things, key thing was how to order meat much, etc. now i feel confident to say 300g of sum geeup sal! Ahhh, and as payment for her patience and company, i fixed her dinner! it was simple since Danny was suppose to b there...and we were suppose to go to dinner and watch bond but we pushed it back to sunday since he was tied up with business. so it was hyesung and heather and i and yummy chicken stir fry sort...a little salty but given what i had, it worked. she brought a bottle of wine and that was grand. OOO, i tought them how to play UNO! We played for hours, hahaha, and i had to say the numbers in korean and oh what fun. Well, that was that. Another success.

Then you have sunday. Well, it was glorious from the start---i woke to a snow flurry! it did not stick but to watch from my window was enough! I enjoyed that and had some gorgeous lunch and managed to set up going to coffee with justin, heather, and hyesung---studied a little korean phrases, english phrases and then dinner---KALBI!!! mmm, pork ribs, finally! and then to see 007 james bond. Its wild, i watched casino royale in Ireland i realized and then now solace here. Tis my international flick.

So one thing about the movie...i totally had a moment when the movie finished that i thought i was in regal at stonecrest. It just was so weird, i stood up and was like...just everything was just like back home. ah well, so then it was goodnight and back to the work week. started the week off bad by staying up until 5ish....then monday going to get a little food celebration?

Tuesday angela and i went on a trip to Incheon to get our Alien card. will mail to us in 10 days...yay internet and phone one step closer!!! Um, def said it would take 4 hours...we finished in 1.5. team rocket, blast off! We get it DONE!

hmm, wed i grabbed coffee with hyesung.

friday, today i had my exciting chinese black noodle Joy has been talking about... She and i went for lunch and i was stuffed! So tasty!! so dinner i ate so it was a good thing that we got pizza delivered and then enjoyed staying in with the movie on my laptop. haha. wow, would you believe you can get mcdonalds delivered to your room? And you don't pay tip, and its no extra charge!? same for chinese, pizza, icecream, etc. Wow, i gotta learn how to order on the phone!!

well, korean lessons r going strong. I had a little sickness of stopped up nose but just about everyone got it when it turned so cold so fast. hit 26F at one point. but now i'm use to it!

Think thats about it... sorry for so long a wait! I'm getting on well, big plans and hopefully update more often! Oh, a girl i talked to once in america...amanda stone's party...i told her about goin to Korea cuz she hated her job. so def she sent me a msg saying, hey guess what, i'll be there in dec. Crazy! And used james as the recruitor and everything. ahh good times. well, thats how it goes.

Monday will be 1 month i've been here.

mee chin (crazy)

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