Monday, November 24, 2008

This weekend was great!
Hyesung and I went to meet her best friend and had some tasty tasty curry! you can see pics of it here:

So that was that...the bus ride was rather long, but owell, it was fun!
hmm, then sunday it was the awesome time always had with danny and heather... we ate and laughed and danny is learning english! So we had some more convo than before..i was also able to use korean words... crazy how little communication u really need! shows you what's really important.

well, now its just tests for the lil kiddies, oh how tired they are! If they get a really good score...they get to go to an english school---and then in hopes of going to USA or europe for highschool/college! And thats like the ultimate dream! (then they end up there and realize it sucks...and never study..and just become american, lol)

me ahnn (sorry)

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