Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Parents...came to Korea?!

So as most know. My parents came to korea April 18th until May 4th. that means they were here 2 weeks. They got to breathe, eat, live kimchi---i mean Korea. It was quite a jam packed visit...no? We had drama, we had emotion, we had good and bad and everything between! We've even got it all on film! or...836 on the cannon and who knows how many on dad and mom's camera. Though Dad's camera broke in Jeju... i digress.

So first they arrived in Korea at Avalon..what a journey! they were so tired..but we still managed a glass of wine and moving a couch upstairs to sleep on. great, 4 am...next day we head to Seoul to catch the last cherry blossom losing its pedals... What an adventure of so many new sights and sounds and smells! they couldn't believe how...just everything! we had a relaxing day at the park...watching people and their styles and how we're different but alike. hmm...they met danny and heather that night! they introduced them to the best kalbi (rib meat) and other delicious things Korea has to offer. Mind you 3 REALLY nice gifts just for visiting korea. Like honoured king and queen. Enchanting..

That sunday lunch they ate at R&B and got to see just how fun that place could be? or the remains at least.

Monday until Thursday youll have to ask them what they witnessed...as i had to work! I would stay up late talking with them...we went to eat...beef/pork with Deb tuesday for kalbi and yum yum. Stayed up real late with important situations and encounters.

Wednesday...not sure what exactly we did. i was exhausted so we just ate and slept and they got paris baguette sandwiches in the morning.

Thursday was delicious kalbi again and the guy even gave my mom his shirt! i've been wanting it all this time! not cool! It was after work we ate with angela and alex to prepare for busan and eat and enjoy and take care of tickets. major preparing! and work was stressful to add to it ><

This living together for a week after being apart for so long. 1 shower, 1 room, and only truly comfortable for a couple or a single person...oh it made for one quick adjusting. haha. all the goodies they brought me too were quite somethign! my shoes already are instant success...same with the candies and toys with the kids. Who knew starburst were SOOO popular. they love fruit--makes sense. And thats about all...

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