Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ah, what a week! some of the best and worst memories of korea all in one week!
first just um, boss have a hard job. When do u b hard on someone...when is it the right time to point out a problem?

i was late on wednesday because well...swimming? but more just me goofing around. so i got lectured, it really soured the day :(
so that night i felt stressed and it started to stack..

thursday i had agnes (NOT) watch my class. that was unneeded stress---especially since she didnt come!! and then...

Friday! HB middleschool worst students because a) they speak the LEAST amount of english...and don't want to learn! b) they are middleschool rebels! VERY rude to teachers and parents. Put this all together...i had a complete weekend of just me and destressing and getting away from everyone... and had a pleasant surprise at a lot of things! I feel anew! so here is something i jotted down in my time of just...being at peace!

We all could remember the importance of being STILL and knowing "I AM!".

Come find me
In the love of Him
Stand by me
Every mortal, all men

Abide in this
This truth and light
No reason to fight
The feeling of utter bliss

Remove each dirty rag
Wash in the water of joy
And burn off the slag
Come every girl and boy

Give yourself away
Let it go
Each trouble and what if
Forget about every rainy day

Open up your heart
And then all can start
The warm embrace
Of God’s ultimate grace.


have a fantastic Easter! (my poetry's back!!!)

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JeremyC said...

Happy Easter to you too. How much longer you going to be teaching?