Monday, April 6, 2009

quick little recap!

know its been forever...and want you to know that i'm still alive. i've written some stories...but kept them in a different area cuz they're for me!

lets see. so last 2 weeks.
first friday we went to shabo shabo...yummy beef dipped in boiling soup to cook! its so delicious that you must try it! avalon paid for it all too...we opened the new building and its a major success! We've almost doubled in size!

um, went shopping at new place place, cheap clothes. always good times.

played mario kart on sunday with new people on the Wii at R&B. it really is like a living room...and korea still Definitely feels like college. maybe even more so? like jerm lives on the 3rd floor of my building haha. so just walk downstairs and to his apt and then go swimming every tues and thurs now. that's a good routine---keeping my muscle toned (would u believe my shoulder is STILL messed up from that fracture back when adam got baptized?? haha that was june last year!)

hmm, had fun eating bbq chicken the korean way. so delicious---anohter dish my parents will try whent hey come here april 18th! what what!

now this most recent weekend... went to a Garten Beir? def mispelled! A Beer Garden and wow was it the greatest idea! The table has a dish in it made of copper...and its kept at a freezing 4C! so u put ur drink in there and it stays cold and fresh! so smart...only in korea!

walked around the park and had a blast! loved how the little kids couldnt contain themselves---would just blurt out "ohma! wagukin!" mommy, foreigner! lolol...i said back "hanguk!" haha, korean! little boy was scared and i laughed. anyway, so just relaxed the weekend int he sun...such a beautiful weekend i doodled a little, talked and yah, set up plans for my parents coming april to may 8th?

jerm met a really rich old man and went to his house and tutored his children, hahaha, soo crazy! and the dinner was soo good, i'm jealous. but so we're having fun meeting random koreans. its nothing like america...not that i'm a celebrity here, but certainly the white man is NOT a bad thing to be at all.

well, just realize that anything u do (like walk around barefoot in the park) eyes r on u in korea!

thats all folks!

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JeremyC said...

Dude, you call someone else Jerm now?! Ugh, are we still friends?! I HATE YOU! lol ;D


but seriously, you must stop that now.