Sunday, March 22, 2009

fish markets!

Time for that update on the life of the mighty olive.

things have been smooth with the routine of work. start hard monday...then its down to 3 classes thurs and friday, makes it for a nice downhill glide. friday though, whoah... whoah.

3 things to look out for when it comes to teaching middle school classes at a hagwon.
1. middle school is NOTHING like elementary school kids. If its beginner level, it means they've failed...multiple times. they only attend because parents beatthem into submission.
2. the class size is outrageous... how can u cover only about 5 pages of material in 80 minutes with 18 students? they dont want to talk or if they do...its in korean, and then they start to pick on eachother or chatter, ah, so you finish the lesson in 10 minutes just to find they didn't understand... so its like teaching a lesson 8x.
3. they are not elementary, where stickers and candy work, u can't bribe them, u cant scare them with detention, u cant even blink an eye without them trying to usurp your throne of power. oh whats to be done. regardless this is my only "beginner's" class and oh, make that #4
4. when u teach them only 1 time a week it really ruins my flow...i forget their names, i feel unprepared, ah it spells disaster.

so, maybe this week a lot did happen---i realized how good i am with elementary kids and how middleschool is NOT worth the stress. so after all that stress i have my favorite class of elementary students! so bright and happy and love me. always makes for the start of a good weekend!

Saturday the boys...haha...cuz the girls had to work/workout (role reversal!) we went on the town---shopping/exploring. we ventured all over bucheon, no camera, but something remarkable to witness. street markets are by far exciting and an adventure well worth spending a day at. we walked up a street that was easily half a mile of just shop after shop. my favorite was the pig head, live octopus, eel, and then of course hanging chickens. i just want to know how the competition thrives...soooo many people selling the same thing!

few things great about being a foreigner
1. everywhere you walk is 'new' and people can easily think u a tourist.
2. ahjuma women (older women) LOVE young (especially 3) men. i bought peanuts and she gave me more than i asked for...which i had to carry around the rest of the trip >.> but such good fun!
3. everyone smiles and laughs when ur trying to speak their language. everyone tries to help and friendship begins quickly.

ah, well, so we explored, had a fantastic time climbing a mountain---hill. seeing some men totally rock at archery (they shot targets 245m away!!!) and that means u have to think about wind and angle...just whoah. well, 7 hours later we made it back to watch twilight. good movie...but i can tell te book is better.

sunday hyesung and i enjoyed simple fun walking around... had lunch at the place i had the very first morning i arrived here... funny how much i've "grown". then dinner with ang and alex for the pork and foods and a movie. successful weekend.

well thats olive i've got to say!

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