Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yongsan and newbies

Well its been 2 weeks since the update.

Last week we had to train 2 new teachers. Its been very demanding... jereme and daniel. We'll talk more about that later... just we're now underway with the new semester it was major stressful with training them (ya, by the way, lol) and then starting our own classes and making sure we dont have any kids drop... oh the fun

but we survived, its going to be a long, long, and busy semester. not cool too because my parents come april 25th? so thats the only real news. its been fun seeing korea through a "new person's eyes" haha. omg, all the lights! wow, this is so cheap food! wait, you get all these side-dishes for free?! you have a keypad for your door? thats sooo cool! hahaa...

yongsan also was entertaining, reminded me of my first time. wanted to buy everything just because tehre's soo much! well, thats that. we got jereme a R4 so he can join me in gaming..haha, not that hyesung is too happy about that :-x

just remember kids, games r escapism...unless u share 'em! then its fun!

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JeremyC said...

how long ya gonna be in Korea? You've been there how many months now? Since October?