Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seoul Train

And this brings us back to Seoul.

My parents returned friday and were exhausted but why stop? They hadtoo much fun in Jeju and saw a LOT of things...can't stop now! so friday night i a little party thrown by angela for them...
a lot of people showed up and she made homemade salsa, hummus, and other foods. kimbap, mandu, fruits, cake.

so what a great evening of hanging with good friends and laughing and destressing from teh week too. all together pleasant evening. had some serious convos but that also is expected with life. just take it in flows.

saturday was a day of real korean culture! deb took us out to the heart of seoul. we went to all the markets and places i hadnt been to yet even. traditional korean things and my mom loved shopping for all these great items. we had the BEST and i mean BEST traditional korean style meal and such for lunch. everything. the best fish, all these side dishes of kimchi, green onion, kimchi pancake (always funny), soup, beef, seafood, pork, and then finished with tea and rice cakes.

so fantastic shopping and looking and exploring. we certainly had a wonderful day despite a little rain. (kept the crowds small.) We then had a whole chicken with ginseng inside and it was soo delicious. and they truly believe it keeps u healthy. Then we saw the oldest catholic cathedral in Korea. 1898 i believe... it was built and had the great art and all. someone practicing the organ too. ah, glorious. came back to bucheon and said goodnight. interesting phone call but its what what. and thats another day that was too good!

Sunday...the last day for my parents! It was celebrated by a hilarious production by Nanta. A sensation of light, sounds, and smells. They cook food on stage and use only kitchen tools to make awesome music. Like Blue man group or Stomp. A sensational adventure! Very well done and only had a few words...in english and in korean and even then u understood "oops, take it!" etc.
Afterward, we returned to Insadong to buy tradional fans and boxes and other korean historical things.

The banks were closed so we couldnt get cash out and so i owe a LOT to my korean friends for their more than giving spirit in me owing them. it makes me happy to see just how...genuine and true these people are. Wonderful. And that night...again with Danny and Heather..had duck and beef and pork and another truly fantastic dinner. One of the best beginning meals and ending meals...spent with my favs korean "uncle"! That's my Danny!

This country is as a shirt i saw read, "the best kept secret of Asia".

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