Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahnyah ka sayo Parents!

my parents left monday May 4th.

A lot has happened since then! let me tell you!

First...great time with them...but loved having may 5th (children's day) all to myself---with Deb to go play...actually as crazy as this was-i went to DINNER with her parents! yah, totally just met and walked around shopping and laughing and made a sticker at a photo booth (aw sappy) then wanted to eat pizza and watch a movie---why not at her house? scrap the movie, her parents invited me to a homecooked korean meal. and it was delicious! and i got to see a korean home, what a surprise! Its in a 10 story building...but it felt just like my florida home! 1 story, 3 bedrooms, big kitchen (3 refridgerators, haha, 2 for kimchi) and an actual laundry room/patio to just...store stuff or see a view of the awesome little pond they have in their complex.

funny too cuz its 705. i'm 905. yep, easy to remmeber. so i loved her mom's kimchi pizza (have to show u a picture...kinda like batter, kimchi onions, and seafood...of course its delicious) and other side dishes. and her dad fed me cuz it was from "a father's warm heart" lol, what can i say? parents love me. so of course this is just silly fun wild crazy (the parents were so nervous cuz they had no idea what i liked, just that i was deb's friend) bottom line: kept it short, was polite, ate a lot, helped her little sister with college english homework, left before 10pm. yep, golden. Interesting facts: no family photo on the wall, eat on the floor table, had a dog named mary---that responded to konglish commands (some korean, some english commands). mother dresses young and very health concious!

Well so that was a great day off...
the week went smooth, had lots of testing....weekend i took it easy. actually i'm sure i did something but its 4am so give me a break. OH! yah, on Sunday i went to Hongdae w/ hyesung---in plans to go to the Dj Festival in Seoul and went to so many fantastic bars to waste time until angela and alex showed up...! i really learned a lot of great places to go and loved watching people...basically an enjoyable evening with good company. Didnt go to the concert, Ang got there at 11pm---too late for me to stay out all night with that. So we went to more bars. 1 with a cat and indie music, 1 made to look like a bathroom, even 1 that played 80s and 90s korean music. and all were so....special! ah, great.

Sunday i just caught up on house chores (finally cleaned after my parents ...) then deb's parents invited me to a special dinner of raw fish. ooo what a variety! haha, things i STILL dont know what they were...some i would never want to eat again! others i loved. the raw flounder was heaven, and the crabs were divine. There was this guk (soup) that really had a spicy seafood yummy mushroom veggie taste. The father again made all over me, really wanted me to open a mutual fund account with him and really loved to learn about American customs vs korean (like we hate seeing squid eyes...so they cut them off, lol) and we just enjoyed culture! Went back home (they drove me in their car...laughed cuz i said i feel like i'm kidnapped and he asked deb "does he feel kidnapped?" at the same time) and slept like a charm...

another week of testing u.u It was horrible, it sounds like a breeze---but i have to interview each kid one at a time same question...hard questions and grade them hard. gross. Next big entry...

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