Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First bday out of the Country!

MY BIRTHDAY!!!! So friday is Daniel's bday, not too cool...totally got a cake and the picture and all that...stole my thunder :( but went out to eat dinner, surprised him kind of...and then he drank loads didnt sleep until 8am. haah, hye kinda confused me but whatever, went saturday to walk around with Deb and watch Angels and Demons. Had some fascinating points....love to discuss with Jerm. basically do wish some changes could be done with "religion" and it is true---religion is flawed because man is flawed. accept it for what it is, not what u expect. Good times, went to Outback for dinner! Had a great meal with coworkers and friends and even had one teacher bring his baby and wife! What an honour! haha, first time taking the baby out :-D

Went back home...gave up on really going out afterward cuz the day was packed and ended up playing chess with Alex until 3am and it was good just spending quality time with him. Not big into partying, just quality time talking and chillin :)
He bought me guinness too, so that always makes me grand.

Sunday was a day of recahrging after such a big 2 days! So i played video games for 3 hours and watched a movie and TV shows (had some weird missing "home" from ridding in a family's car and otehr random moments) so smallville and scrubs hit the spot! silly how they take me there and back again. Had a simple evening, went to homeplus for a few things, ate dinner? saw people and on my way home...i found a BICYCLE in a puddle! it was obviously abandoned...and brakes r brokne sooooo...

hm, so now my project is getting it fixed and riding for a little...great times!
and the reason i blogged all this time? if i hadnt found the bike, i wouldnt have encouraged jerm to meet his pappa figure in korea...which urged me to get the act...so i now am investing my money with korea and china mutual funds! BOOM BABY! and then also cuz so excited...i went to R&B met a guy got a drink, he works at busan university---just where i was trying to research about! So i picked his brain! Lots of info to think about!

Bucheon University:

paid housing (same) and key deposit.

16hours a week teaching.

2x 50 minute class. Earliest is 9am. Latest is 8pm. Never both extremes.

prepare = chapter and minor worksheets.

pension 1mil.

Overtime tutoring professors.

40 students, finish early is ok and motivated to learn/finish/WORK!

start interview in december. Hire for March... paid vacation. 2 months in summer= 2 weeks camps also and get month paycheck on TOP of paycheck if do camp...

Bottom line: i need to get my paperwork in order and weigh my options!
Now just need guidance ><

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JeremyC said...

happy birthday joel :)