Thursday, January 8, 2009

While at work...

Happy new year! ah the feast! Buffet at Maris! Then Noribang and R&B and ah what a great concert and toast!...

in fact i'll write a whole blog about that later each labeled...

Just was going to say i'm alive. I didn't update this past sunday because well, its been fun and such.

I bought a netbook! LG x110 fancy little toy.

1gig ram
1.6 atom proc

basically for work and travel. only 2.5 hours of battery use, bleh. but plug weighs so little too...

hm,so that was sunday... Then you have monday i ate some...beef from the cafeteria in E-mart (kinda like a...mall/walmart) and well, got food poison. bad. it wiped me out for the next day and had a huge fever that night, then barely jumped back on it and now i'm better. phew. glad to know i have some good people to take care of me :) and its true and rare that my recruiter is still willing to take care of me...not any extra pay or anything. came last night to see me and this other recruit...

Lots has been going on, i know i've been busy here trying to get "life" in order... on teh 2nd we started "intesives" means my schedule goes from 10am until 7pm sooo...that has ruined a few of my plans but opened up night life here! Now i need to take care of work.

Bottom line?

I had turkey for christmas.


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