Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Osaka, Japan!

I have been quite busy this past week.

Had some meetings at work and planning vacation... Had one with boss, i'm a bad boy, i threated to "throw my shoe" at a student like the middle eastern reporter did at Bush. apparently students tell only half the story to their parents: "my teacher takes his shoes off in class" blahh. lol, maybe i shoulda just hit the kid then they'd gotten the REAL picture. ;)

Friday and Saturday was spent relaxing watching movies and being cheap...
Saturday night i had an amazing Thai dinner! We got pad thai, red curry, and kaprawl! Certainly in an odd way felt like home food (charlotte's thai house, sigh)... that was a good time.
Sunday we had a boiling bowl of soup u cook your meat in. its great.

all this was to talk about Angela, Alex, and I going to Japan for lunar new year!

Friday we leave at 9am... play around Osaka with a friend i met at my semester in Dublin City University and enjoy sights and then new years!
we'll be staying at:
Raizan Hotel...

and then the sheridan, this place has a hot tub and the works! Its all about going cheap, then go big! so we'll b having a good time. more to come! just remember. its not the money you will remember...but hte memories you made!

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