Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year!

Welcome 2009!

So, 2 days of work then new years! we worked hard, then went direct to R&B for a concert by the rocktigers. The lead singer wore a dress that looked like Dorthy from wizard of Oz...and the guitarist looked like elvis. oh it was fun. then we brought in the new year! it was a great way and just relaxed the next day...for we had to work on friday :(
friday finished work at 7:30 and then Avalon paid for us to go to the greatest seafood restaurant for sure! Maris! just imagine... Tin Tin in Charlotte (chinese buffet).... times 5!!! The japanese sushi bar was 3 bars... the udon and soup bar was also its own room. then the korean, american, american pizza and pasta...just whoah. huge. and as such... i spent the next 2 hours gorging on ...REAL ramen, sushi sushi sushi (blowfish!!! can kill 30 men if cut wrong..), tandori chicken, salmon, herb chicken, steak, crab legs, shrimp (with heads on too!), cous cous, pinnaple, these mangos (sooo a smoke bomb shell, etc. frozen), they had pizza and other foods but i went after the goods. they shut down at 10 and kicked us out...we then went to a noribang to sing songs for a co-worker's bday! that was good fun. sure laugh at how quick they get tired and go to sleep...but thats ok, some had to work in the morning! yuck! i went and played some darts with a friend that lost his job (long story...miscommunication...he'll get another one but still frustrating) and then went to sleep for a happy celebration.

Saturdaywas nothing...just relax i believe. Sunday hyesung and i went to buy my computer! that brings us to the previous update. as u see it was jam packed of party and happy memories.
to bring in the new year!


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