Sunday, January 11, 2009


So nothing much happened this past week while i recovered from... FOOD POISON! I got my computer at yongsan, came back and ate "take out" at my place. yum, i could never order in korean on the phone...hyesung certainly helps me there! haha. so monday we went to emart to buy something and grabbed dinner at that "cafeteria" kinda like walmart grade mall asian food. i thought it was safe and tasty...i ordered beef and rice and seaweed. oh how i regret. After we finished i went to sleep quite soon and woke and went to work. At work, lunch time, i was soo pale and felt like i got shot in the stomach. i managed to puke, then it went all had already entered my system. i had to leave early (and if someone subs for u...u have to pay them! not cool!) so i went home and hyesung (oh angel, haha) bought me meds and i was on teh road to recovery ....after a night of around 104 fever and massive leakage. i kept hydrated, my other friend got dehydrated same week and had to get an I/V for water. ah, so i went to work Wednesday with major weakness ( ihadnt eaten for about 24 hours) and then got off work and ate a little..finally. Thursday i ate more...and then Friday i devoured kalbi!!! never tasted so good! i got to meet some good people and we laughed about oh the couples and singles differences... co-worker carrie and her bf mainly was the new fun friends. it was an early night after all the tireing and no sleeping. Saturday ...went to Mark's bday and had fun... hyesung works 6 days so way exhausted and i just called it early too.

Sunday was great. Danny was free and came to see justin and i! We went to see transporter! ah, always good action! so he also....was just like a dad and i was just like a kid! haha, he bought my ticket...and popcorn...and then this little action figure of naruto i wanted! i wasn't going to buy it because eh, its money...but then he goes and buys before i can say no! :) silly fun it really is great how a simple little 5 buck item makes me happy and how it also just...he's changed my perspective on a lot of how friends should be! so we watched, then went to find a place to eat duck. he has this amazing red sport car so after watching the movie...we're a little racing mood haha, but we get there and eat some great meat! duck, ribs!!!! (i did it southern way, got down and dirty while they used plastic gloves and were nice and neat about it) and some sausage and pouridge, it was quite good.
after that just simple night...just went home to prepare for work! OH! hyesung got a guitar saturday! and i havnt seen it yet but its yellow---i think it should b called little miss sunshine! but eh...

now its testing so i've been writing while they test! time to finish.

things to remember---don't buy cheap beef! eat at your own risk!
meds cost only 5$ here...and they work!

let people take care of u...they're ur real friends! :)

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