Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well its been a while since I was able to post...4 days off!

Wednesday night we got off at 11 and opened our secret santa gifts at the office. haha, i felt bad that i was all excited about gettin a lamp i wanted...but didnt and it showed :-x But then, i got gloves and slippers so its all good! can have comfy feet now!
afterward, we went to eat and enjoyed just getting to know some of the staff. it was not cool taht it was promised it would be paid for---just to have avalon not pay for it anymor e(not enough staff showed up??)

I had angela so i gave her something priceless! She wanted a trash can for the bathroom...so i got her one and put toilet paper in it that looked used, etc. she also wanted a clothing rack, so i wrote her a letter that said "nice rack....coming soon!" haha, she almost thought it was bad english...then was like, its YOU! :-p

So, that ended wed... Thurs christmas!!! We had the most fantastic turkey christmas dinner at R&B. They almost didnt cook enough...probably 30 of us, 20$ each...first time they did it. But so they had stuffin, and mashed potatoes, and salad, and peas and corn, and wine. ah, it was by far a special treat! I was delighted to get to show that to hyesung too. then we had a christmas exchange...frustrated that my gift was the best. we did dirty santa...i even stole my lamp back at one point! haha, then i ended up with a picture frame and stole a chess set because the girl knew she would never play it... (brownbear and i played that night in fact!) so that ended christmas day...gifts and sort.

Friday was low key, just boring old day---everyone sleeping the day off... then fri night Justin had a house warming party. fixed food, yum, steak and peppers, more potatoes, and a great salad... and Danny came! He gave me a gift...it was a swiss army knife! A nice one! It even was perfect because we needed a wine opener...i pulled it out and was like, ha! The night ended with playing darts well into the night...i learned how to get quite a good game!

Saturday...hmm, ah yes, we went to Itawon...where the army base is...had all the recruits that James has recruited there...was suppose to be a dinner and sort.. we (angela, alex, and i) got distracted because we're looking at buying a cheap small laptop in the electronic place (like 5 min from there) and basically arrived just in time to decide on dinner---we went to this great middle eastern place and had lamb bryani and then hooka! ahah, strawberry and apple mix, just for us! Ah, they laughed at us..the lamb was a rip off (13 for 4 pieces of lamb, and plate full of bryani rice) but hooka was only 8! So, we enjoyed that...then relaxed around the area...went to many different places. I got to see Valarie, cracks me up one conversation with that girl all the way in Fort Mill, SC at Amanda's stone party struck such interest that she's now here, teaching in Korea! haah. We laughed, went to many places...SALSA! we danced a lot, laughed at the attempts to dance, etc. and it ended around 4am with us eating some great beef soup and gettin a taxi home...

Sunday was just recovering from being out every night. Heather treated justin hyesung and i to kalbi (rib meat, my favorite) and we had a really quiet night. ....except taht i had to teach monday morning at 10-12:30 and then work 3-11... so it felt like a 12 hour day! but thats ok, little extra cash, only one day...and thats why i ahvnt updated until now! so, that's my story and i'm sticking with it!

now its new years and time to do it all over again! :)


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