Sunday, December 21, 2008

End semester 1

silver bells, its christmas time in the city...

so some of you may think christmas isnt here...ur wrong, the koreans might not celebrate the same reason for the season, but to couples its very big deal! all about buying gifts for eachother and oh to be alone---drink all night christmas eve so u'll wake up the 26th! hah, kind of sad but hey, they get the day off and dont know what to do with themselves so, why not? hmm, i myself am having a huge feast at R&B with all the americans...20bucks for TURKEY! and all the goods... yes, military base hook up! expensive but well worth it, no doubt.

this week's review...

finished the semester, what a pain! got my new schedule...strictly elementary because "i'm very entergetic, and can entertain the children" well i'm no monkey, and i'll b drained..but hey, i'm slighting the economy! interesting how i wonder how i'd get by in america...just so true that i "have to go to a distant land to find a job" feh. Ahhh, but what a great experience!! tonight hyesung justin heather and i enjoyed a nice dinner of kimchi and pork just is a certain "masheee ta" = delicious. i'm so sad that danny and heather broke up/on break...lots of drama, and hoping they will get back together! He's the man!

hmm, thats about all so far... i got a drying rack finally, Oh did i mention Julian...hyesung's friend came and spent the night on my futon, so it suffices as a "" position. lol, greatest invention!

this wed is a christmas party for work. i am in charge of planning the games and such...any ideas?!?! just ice breakers since these koreans hardly hang out (and i mean at all...)

well, thats about it folks, time to call it an early night! lots to be done!

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