Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas shopping??

i got a fan! lol, 20 bucks...on sale? but not cheaper than walmart :(

owell, only place i've seen a fan! sopoooong!! (means picnic...a huuuge building thats almost vacant...sad)

haha hilarious, got the guy to turn it on for me, its open box, wanted to "test the speeds" more see if it did, had a really small one...but would do for just 11 but...decided go big or go home.

haha, best part? i gave money he gave me sheet and it was copy...totally thought he said that, so i was like yes...then he gave me coffee! ahh, funny... but it was warm and perfect for the walk back. so that's fun.

well, so much for buying christmas gifts...that took longer than i wanted but it was fun! i got a few ideas... but i am also mad that they dont show prices and then they just jack the price for me -.- i found a nitendo ds charger and the guy was like 15,000! i'm like...dude, its 5 on internet. go internet! >.< fine! i will!

so still trying to get christmas gifts for secret santa and friends. ideas welcome.

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