Monday, February 23, 2009

Sick #2

Missed last week so...I split it into 2 entries. Yesterday and Saturday I was sick with a sinus infection? Not sure exactly…just loads of the green stuff and a cough to boot. They don’t have nitquil here …but they have these amazing 2 blue and white pills that cost $2 for a pack of 10 and I’ve never been so drowsy and giddy and slept so good!!! Still amazes me how cheap pills are here…and how effective they’ve been. Yet again Hyesung has been an angel in taking care of me! Even fixed me a delicious homemade beef dinner Friday night after work!

I got sick from a sunflowerseed going up my nose (ha…you knew I was three) or angela gave it to me. I gave her some Sudafed to help her…she ended up getting an ear infection! Sooo…its been rough this whole week in that sort. This semester ends the 27th so we’re also just winding down…its going to get very busy next week… And then its going to be a busier semester I fear---no holidays! -.- And its not cool cause parents come then and they won’t get to see me as much.

Owell, can't get upset about me having a job!!!

Major buzz about North Korea and its declare on wanting to launch a missile. No idea what the plan is... Maybe a satellite? Doubtful. But i also see a cry for help...they have little food, little hope, its a last stand for a dying nation. like a wounded dog cornered.
U can
its a korean newspaper in english... find it very informative.

Well, remember, the economy is hitting worst time ever... the korean won just hit 1,500 W : 1 usd. That's worst for past 11years. cant get any worse, ya?

"when going through hell, keep going." - Churchill

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