Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Post on Payday

Week at a glance.

Well after Japan things have been quiet. Had a nice simple week of teaching, feels great to have no more intensive! I can teach and not be tired! Only problem now is just trying to figure out what I want for dinner and when I should go to bed. I’m trying to get a schedule of swimming each morning…found a place that’s 4,000won per swim…guess where it is? The YMCA! Haha. And its like literally 2 buildings away. So keep me to it! At least randomly just to not become jelly. Certainly feels like I just work and sleep and on the weekends actually walk more than 10minutes.
Today is PAY DAY!!! Exciting, I get paid intensive bonus for the extra 24classes and then ah, it feels great to be a millionaire! At this rate I’ll soon become a billionaire! :-O
I know I won’t reach my financial goal (especially as the won continues to get weaker) but I’m certainly enjoying the time! Can you believe its already been almost 4 months??? I arrived October 24th… 10-24 it is now 2-10. 9-1 to 12-14 I was in Ireland. So I have now been in Korea for the longest time abroad. Feels great. Its taken the bucket list to a whole different level.
Still no idea what I want to do with my life, this economic situation is only getting worse! Here’s an article from the BBC on Charlotte. Know it’s big when it’s the front page of business in America from a foreign news. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7880283.stm
OH! This weekend I shaved my head then went shopping for some Korean style clothes. I did great! I got fitted pants, a fitted dress shirt, and my favorite---the Korean style p-coat with 6 buttons in front. Ah its glorious. I still might get another one (this one is blue) that covers the neck and up to your nose. Looks really cool… that def will be in black. And with the season getting warmer, I’ll get it on sale too! So after buying all that, Alex and I happen to see Big Bang! A music band that is MAJOR famous in korea. Check them out! So Hot is a good song. Wonder girls is another band--- Nobody – Wonder girls. Check those two bands out and be amused and cultured! Well, 2 great shopping malls/train stops. Coax and dong day moon!

Man, i hate tax.

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Hyesung said...

and you got another beautiful coat.
you metrosexual dotori.