Monday, February 23, 2009

Saint Valentine got confused in Korea.

Valentine’s Day. Alex’s birthday?

So mainly the weekends r the only time things happen. I worked the week…smooth, suppose to have the boss watch my class…didn’t have time. All good, so planning for the Vday was interesting. I decided to have some fun with it since I am told the GIRL is suppose to buy the GUY chocolate. How awesome is that? So I got some chocolate (still havn’t opened it..yah) and this awesome lotion stuff that I was needing. Get this, I even got spoiled with thai for dinner! How does the guy get spoiled so much? Why? Because on White Day (march 14th) the guy does it all… 3x bigger! Ooops. Haha, but we’ll have fun… I also did this SUPER cheesy poem like a little kid would write…what can I say, I’m a child :-D So here’s to a happy little valentine with Hyesung.

The afternoon was just watching this great show “How I met your mother” since she had to work and then we got this exciting idea to go to Hongdae to shop since we were undecided about going to Alex (angela’s boyfriend’s) bday there….do 2 things at once! Major success. I found this fantastic Japanese black long coat that really feels good. And some skinny jeans that she insisted look really great on me…most I’ve ever paid for jeans -.- but hey, I admit sometimes I dress like a snob. Ok, so that’s that. Party was a success. Simple cheers, and a night of dancing---I love how the Koreans dance but don’t. boys and girls hardly touch, so you have this side by side dancing and try to mimic each other and its def more flirtatious than…other “dancing” I’ve seen such as grinding and rap. So that made me happy. Just seeing different cultures can always make me smile to myself.

“That’s about all I have to say about that.” – F. Gump

I am CRAVING the beach!!! Soon…

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