Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A foreign exchange

So i know its been a while and I dont know where to begin with events and drama and experiences.

Lets just see what comes to mind. I am at work at the moment and been slammed with meetings after meetings because we've lost (or not gained) new students so somehow meetings will make us happier that we have to come in early to finish our work?? but so, i also have started swimming in the mornings and (trying) to study korean so i've missed out on some bloggin to those curious minds.

So, wow, 3 weeks...a lot (or nothing) has happened. Just for those that dont know, its been busy dealing with drama and facebook's ...power should not be underestimated. and that honesty is golden. and that friends are amazing. and i needed another growing experience apparently. haha. so thats all done, i'm back on my show and if not...well...obviously i can handle whatever is thrown my way! Just dont hate me if you dont like what you're given!

So that june 1st i just sat home all weekend reading my book and keeping to myself. Week of work...drained away. 2nd weekend went out just enough to make better friends with Daniel because he might not be the brightest at teaching...but he's got a pretty good mind at video games! so thats been a change..from being very busy to have a boring but bachelor's life.

This past weekend.. the 13th had a fun experience that i will now talk about.
So i went to Catholic church with Holly (my new floormate and "older sister") she helped talk to me about some issues, along with i helped her! Instant friends. lol, so church was great and unique...loads of africans in seoul! I had no idea! And it is always an international experience. In some ways church is better because of it...because only one thing ties us all together prefectly- Christ.

Afterwards her friend and 2 of us went to get AMAZING mexican food! Enchiladas and burritos! (and it was STILL a combo #26) hhahahaah. and wow was it delicious!
must return "los amigos"

Well so i also saw pelham 123...ok movie. some heroes still in NYC... but also what a sad world we live in. Well, things still keep going on. contract is ending of October 24th. some prayer on what my future holds would be great!

live the dream!

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JeremyC said...

I saw pelham 123 too. It was only ok. This Holly sounds like a good influence ;-)